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10 ideas to increase your business exposure

Are you going nuts looking for strategies that’ll make your business take off, and you still don’t know which ones are the ones that will work for you? Probably lots of “professionals” came to you offering love and gold, but you got no results. I know a part of you is aware that there are simple things you can do with little money that can successful, but you still don’t know which ones.

If this is the case, stop looking! Here are some simple ideas you can implement to increase your business exposure.

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1. Choose your most influential social network.

Lots of Digital Marketing experts say that you have to have a presence in every social network, or at least, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Even though this might be true, the important thing is that there will always one social network that will stand out in comparison to the others. This is why many startups and rising businesses usually have one strong social network.

To identify which one is yours, you should look for the one that gains more followers or the one in which it’s easier to post and interact with your clients and potential clients. They may love live transmissions or the pictures you share on Facebook, the real-time interaction on Twitter, or your products catalog on Instagram and Pinterest.

All of these behaviors will be the ones who will help you identify the social network where you need to focus your efforts on, identify the platform that gives you more exposure and clients, get used to that one, and this will be a good start for your social media strategy.

2. Connect with others like you.

This is what most people know as Networking, and it is what good merchants and businesspeople have done through time: create connections. Not everyone will become your client or supplier, but you can also share ideas, ask for feedback, and even develop alliances that will work for you in the future.

Now, how to start doing it? Identify your business area or industry and find activities, from the ones that are advertised on Facebook, to the ones on specialized portals. Remember that each sector makes several events through the year that will allow you to know not only cases of success, but people like you looking to grow as well.

As an additional tip: never forget to carry your business cards everywhere you go.

3. Do you have a smartphone? Make some videos.

Lots of times we don’t truly realize how beautiful can be the smartphone we carry in our pockets because many people only see the price, the size, or the brand, but only a few people see all the benefits. The videos you can shoot with your phone, endowed with high definition and improved sound system, are ones of the best options for your business.

Whether it is through a live transmission, a Q&A session, short videos with some effects, or even a video blog on YouTube, this visual media is one of the best tools to showcase your products, your store, to answer common questions or also to promote sale deals or offers.

4. Write.

Many people when reading this will say “But I’ve never been a good writer, that’s why I don’t bother to start a blog.” The truth is, even though you may not be a writer per se, every talent is being perfected over time. Now, ask yourself, who knows about your business better than you? Who else can tell everyone what you do with more commitment and passion than you?
Cheer up, go over to the computer and start writing, tell the world about your business and remember, writing is free.

5. Are people not reading your emails? Have you tried traditional mail for it?

Many companies focus on sending emails with newsletters to all of their clients and contacts and don’t have an answer from them. If this is something that happens to you and you are using a tool such as MailChimp that allows you to know how many people opened your mail, or how many decide not to receive them, the situation is more than evident.

So, think a little bit outside the box and ask yourself, what would it be better for my clients? Maybe a card, a brochure or a newsletter short enough to be able to be read in the bathroom or at a waiting room of a doctor’s office, trust me, this still works. The important thing is that you offer valuable information to take advantage of that 6 seconds of attention people give to you before they decide to throw that paper in the trash.

6. Tell stories, instead of selling arguments.

Do you remember the last time a seller came by to you to tell you about the amazing benefits of its products and promotions? We rarely remember it because we develop an instinct of running when facing these types of situations, however, do you remember that time when your friend told you about all the help he got with his car credit? Alternatively, where did he found the ideal Christmas present or that item he loved at the supermarket? You probably do.

This is because stories are easier to tell and remember, because we associate products and services with people, and we placed benefits in terms we can identify with. Almost everyone had to deal with looking for a taxi under the rain and not being able to find one, until UBER came along and helped with that problem, right? Who hasn’t heard a story about a marriage proposal where the atmosphere of the restaurant was crucial for the moment?

Don’t focus on talking about your benefits. Tell stories and let people get hooked with that.

7. Give away opportunities and experiences.

Many of us have had the experience of receiving a flyer on the street to find where to throw it away immediately, to see a trash can nearby filled with flyers just like the one we have. However, what happens when those flyers have some discount coupon or benefit? More than 38% of people save it to use it later.

To be known with more creative strategies such as coupons, discounts on the first visit, a glass of wine, a gift on the first purchase, tastings, free samples, promotions, home delivery, etc., can give an extra incentive to that person who is not yet your client, as well as keeping your current customers in love with your brand, so that, in addition to continuing to buy what you offer, they also recommend you.

8. Make people see you: Maintain presence.

I know that may be a lot of you reading this have a physic store, probably with just a few customers visits a day, so, maybe it’s time to evaluate your location. Is it attractive to clients? Can it be seen easily from the street? Lots of great ideas get lost in time because of a bad situation or simply because people can’t truly understand them.

One of the strategies I like to show more as an example is Food Trucks and the way they deal with this matter, giving the fact that they move their location and display their products on social media regularly. So, you can find creative ways to be seen.

Whether it is uploading your catalog to Instagram or Pinterest, going out to the street to hand out flyers to your neighbors, handing business cards on close stores, or doing memes and viral content that will make people find you. Remember creativity has no limits, and, if you can’t think of anything like it, ask for advice to people on your surroundings.

9. Work on your online reputation.

Did you already search for your business on Google? Do you know if your location appears on Google Maps? If your answer is no, then you need to go and do it quickly, you’d be surprised on what you can find out about your business, because on these sites you might find what people are saying about your brand, if they leave any recommendation or complain, even if there is some news about it.

Now, if nothing appears on the search, this is a right moment to start having a more significant online presence. You can create a Google+ account to make it easier to be found by the browser. Hand out to your friends a sample of your product so they can make recommendations, add your location to all social networks and on Google Maps.

10. Create a graphic identity.

Maybe I should have started from this part. However, many people take it for granted or do not consider it when it should be the most important thing for people to recognize you. Remember, most of the stimuli we receive throughout the day, enter through our eyes.
Does your business have a logo? If so, put it up to test. Ask your friends, clients and random people what they think about it, and use this feedback. You might be in need of a designer to support you with the creation of a new logo.

Remember that the logo is the face of your business, and it must appear on your business cards, it will be your profile image on social media, it will be in the first slide of your sales presentation, and your website or online store, so, better try to have a logo that it’s easy to remember.