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5 reasons on why advertising is important

Advertising is the most critical weapon in the marketing arsenal for any business.

Want to know why advertising is essential for a business if it wants to grow and create awareness about its products and services?

Do only small businesses and startups need advertising or even the large corporates and enterprises need it? The answer is quite simple: companies of all sizes benefit from advertising.

Businesses attract customers when they get quality product or service at a reasonable price point.
Advertising has its benefits both in the short and long run.

In the vast ocean of digital marketing, there are many types of advertisements. From Google AdWords PPC campaigns to social media ads, notably Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads, there are many options.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, and it also allows advertising. This makes the online advertising options vast.

Offline advertising methods like print ads, radio ads, billboards, etc. bring results but are generally not very cost-effective and it is difficult to measure the ROI. However, when online and offline advertising work in tandem, the results can multiply manifold.

Why invest in advertising at all?

You may argue that all the social media are free. You can have a business page on Facebook, open an Instagram account for free and have Twitter followers – all for free. Then, why invest in advertising?

The most popular social platform, Facebook’s organic reach is at an all-time low. It is virtually impossible to reach your target audience just by adding relevant hashtags. Facebook is, after all, a business and they want you to spend money to reach their target audience.


5 real benefits of investing in advertising

Among the many benefits of advertising, here are the five most important ones.
1)Advertising lets you ‘be found’ easily
For your business to be found, SEO optimizing your website is free and is a long-term solution to be seen through search engines if you get it right.

However, for growth hacking, you cannot rely entirely on SEO because the real results take long to come. Moreover, Google algorithms may change, and you may suddenly find that your months of work to increase your organic rankings have gone down the drain.

You don’t want this by any means.

Here’s where advertising comes into the picture. You gain followers, build awareness, increase sales, be profitable fast and can also make prospects sign-up to your email list.

This brings us to the second important point.
2)Advertising boosts your email marketing efforts

Advertising helps build your email list and your email marketing efforts kick in. Once people have signed up for your emails, you can further introduce your products, offer discounts, email campaigns, build relationships, credibility and bring them to your sales funnel.

After proper lead nurturing, you can sell to them. Targeted ad campaigns for each stage of your funnel will further help you to boost sales.

So many brands and startup businesses are crushing it like anything. Why not you?
3)Advertising increases trustworthiness and awareness
Brands and companies who advertise regularly have the perceived notion in the minds of their consumers that the business is doing well and is trustworthy.

If you open an online store or an offline business, your chances of being found are not bright, even if your product or service is exceptional. Advertising creates awareness and trust among your target group, and they will be more receptive to your offerings.

If you have a retail shop, then the location-based digital advertising options like app push notifications, geo-targeted and GPS enabled mobile devices can be great ways for creating awareness.
4)Digital advertising can be controlled
Advertising is measurable, controllable and you have loads of metrics and data at your disposal. You can do analysis and gain some valuable information about your business and the target group.

Moreover, if some campaigns are not performing well, you have complete control over tweaking the message, changing the creatives or being more specific in targeting.

In digital advertising, your goal is to attract the right people to your business, warm them and ultimately persuade them to buy. At each stage of the customer’s buying journey, you need to optimize your ad campaigns for maximum ROI on ad spend.
5)Advertising creates retention and amplifies all the other marketing efforts
You’ve worked hard to get your loyal set of customers. However, competition is fierce. If you don’t nurture them and be on top of their minds, then your competitors may be able to attract them with lucrative offers.

Advertising your business saves you from all such threats. Moreover, an ongoing advertising campaign will keep your brands on the top of your customers’ minds.

You can maintain a strong presence through online media like PPC ads, social media advertising, guest blogging and having a dynamic website. Use offline channels also like print ads, TV commercials, on-the-ground activations, radio, etc.

This will not only have a good recall value but also attract new customers, even those of your competitors.

Points to note when advertising:

Take a multi-channel approach to advertising. Online and offline advertising should complement each other. Formulate integrated marketing campaigns for better brand recall, high-converting leads, more sales and increase your bottom line.

The Problem:
Getting your ads right can be a bit difficult if you have no experience. Google Adwords powered PPC campaigns, and the most popular social media Facebook ads can be a massive drain of your money if you fail to attract the right audience to your business.

So take special care to craft your ads or better still, let an experienced digital marketer handle this work for you.

Final thoughts

We know that advertising costs money. However, if your advertising campaigns can reap huge profits and you get a good ROI on your advertising investment, then there’s no reason why you should not explore this option, even if you are a start-up or an established business.

In recent years, digital advertising trends have shifted from desktops to mobile devices. It is quickly becoming the most sought-after mediums for digital ad campaigns.

The benefits of advertising for your business should get you thinking about how you can leverage it for your business and reap huge dividends.