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6 Helpful tips to get more YouTube subscribers

YouTube has been around for almost a decade and a half, and a lot has changed over the years. The way people consume online videos has evolved as well, and that means YouTube has become more sophisticated to meet that demand. People watch YouTube videos at a voracious rate, which is equivalent to roughly 500 million hours a day! As such, the site continually tweaks its algorithm to make sure users get the freshest and most relevant content. Given the staggering volume of content on YouTube, it’s easy to get swallowed up in a sea of competitors.

If you want to get on YouTube’s radar and get more people to hit that subscribe button, you’ll need to make friends with its algorithm. Here are some effective ways to do that and grow your channel:

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#1: Tighten Up Your Content

If you think your videos are great, you’re in trouble. No matter where your channel is at, there’s always room for growth. It’s always a good habit to continually look for ways to improve and evolve, especially if your views and subscription rates are on a downward slope.

Never underestimate the power of proper planning. Having structure is a must, and creating a script is the best way to do that. Remember, your viewers want you to stay on point and not go on a tangent. Otherwise, they can quickly lose interest.

So make sure your script is geared to your audience. Be mindful of the phrasing, choice of words and general flow of the video. Plan your intro, the meat of the matter, and a closing. Usually, it’s good practice to wrap things up by asking them to subscribe, hit the like button, post in the comments, share your video, and so on.

#2: Creating Content Is Half The Battle

Even with a massive, global platform like YouTube, you can’t simply upload a few videos and expect millions of viewers to beat a path to your door. You’re one of virtually countless other channels striving for your audience’s attention.

To avoid getting drowned out by the noise, it’s not enough to churn out those videos. On top of that, you’ll need to promote your channel like your life depended on it.

So that means a LOT of grinding until something sticks. Here’s how to do it in a nutshell:

  • Go on your personal social media account, like Twitter or Facebook, and get your friends to share your videos on their feeds. Just make sure to be careful about it, because getting pushy will backfire on you.
  • Don’t stop with your friends. Do some homework to understand your target market. Interact with them in the comments of the sites they go to. For instance, Amazon and Reddit are gold mines that you shouldn’t overlook.
  • Plus, it doesn’t hurt to check out YouTube videos similar to yours and do the same there.

#3: Stick To a Schedule!

With the power of self-publishing comes great responsibility. That means you need to take it upon yourself to publish content at a consistent rate to stay relevant in your niche.

For starters, try to publish a minimum of one new video every week. Remember, your viewers should be able to depend on you to deliver content at a regular time.

That’s how you build loyalty and win over subscribers. This is another aspect of maintaining structure in your channel – and also a good way to avoid getting buried in obscurity.

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#4: Be Interesting Right Out The Gate

Here’s another simple yet often forgotten secret to staying afloat on YouTube: every second counts.

One common complaint people have is that most videos waste too much time dilly-dallying instead of getting to the good stuff. If you pad your content with a lot of fluff, you’ll turn off your viewers, and they’ll go somewhere else.

It’s crucial that you remember how short people’s attention spans are. So if you don’t grab your viewer’s interest within literally the first ten seconds, they’re going to look elsewhere.

In other words, make sure your script is tight. Edit with extreme prejudice and cut out every word that isn’t pulling its weight.

#5: SEO is Your Friend

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing process, but at the core of it, the basic principle remains the same. Find out the keywords people are using to search for the topics you talk about, and leverage that to your advantage.

One of our personal favorite tools for doing YouTube keyword research is RapidTags. RapidTags lets you find search terms and topic ideas that are trending on YouTube.

Your video title is the best place to start. You can come up with an SEO-friendly headline by beginning with the relevant keyword first, then phrasing it in a unique, quirky way.

If people are searching for something like, “Why men pull away” for instance, then try to infuse a catchy twist and spice it up. So you could end up with something like “5 Reasons Why Men Pull Away (And What To Do About It!)”

However, don’t make your headline too long – keep it under fifty characters if you can.

If you want to step up your game, type a phrase into YouTube’s search bar and see what shows up in autocomplete. That will give you a clue into how people find other videos related to yours.

Another section you should pay attention to is the description. Give a summary of what your video is about, and make sure to include some keywords as an organic part of the text. Keep it lean and don’t overstuff the text with out-of-place keywords.

One last thing: add a call to action as well (e.g., subscribe, like, share, etc.) or a link to your homepage if needed.

#6: Packaging Matters

With all the other factors to consider, it’s easy to forget that YouTube is primarily a visual medium. It’s not just your videos that need to look polished, either.

Aside from that, you’ll also need to give your channel some pizzazz by throwing in some original background art in your main profile page.

You can either get a designer to help you with this or get cracking with Photoshop if you’ve got the skills. Either way, give your channel the look it deserves.

Since you’re at your channel page already, you might as well fill out the rest of your profile. Make sure to add your bio, homepage link, your other social media pages and create a personalized URL for your channel.

Finally, create a thumbnail for each of your videos. Like your channel art, it gives the viewer an idea of what to expect before hitting play. You can throw one together using photo editing software, or get someone else to make it for you.

A great tool that we like to use is Canva. Canva Makes it easy to create YouTube thumbnails that look professional without any design skills.

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While there are other factors involved in creating the ideal YouTube channel, you can start incorporating these tips into your strategy.

Speaking of which, it’s critical that you formulate a solid plan for getting more subscribers as early as possible, so you’re not stumbling in the dark.

Explore the other functions and features that YouTube (and Google) has to offer and use them to your advantage. Then update your existing strategy as you discover new methods for growing your channel.

As long as you stay on top of new developments and adjust accordingly, you’ll never get left behind – and you’ll rack up even more subscribers in the process.