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Top 7 giveaway websites

Giveaway websites you can trust

We all love winning competitions! It a feeling people enjoy having. There is nothing better than entering a competition and finding out soon after you have won the top prize or even just earned yourself a handy little gift card.

Online sweepstakes have made this all a little easier and can be a great source of extra pocket money from time to time. But if you have never entered online contests before it can be quite hard to find trustworthy and genuine giveaway websites. A simple web search can bring up countless amount of sites allowing you to enter sweepstakes – so which ones should you opt for?

Well in this article, allow us to share with you our top 7 websites to find and enter giveaway contests.

1. Sparkify.co

Sparkify is heavily focused on keeping the design clean. With their search bar, filtering and sorting features, you can find exactly which giveaways you’re interested in. The white background images makes it easier to scan through giveaways, sweepstake or contests quickly. Another great feature about Sparkify is that you can track which giveaways you’ve entered. This way you won’t find yourself guessing which ones you did and didn’t enter already.


2. Prizetopia.win

Prizetopia doesn’t have a large selection of rewards to choose from. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. A chance to win any prize is worth your time. Tech gadgets such as watches, phones & game consoles is the primary prize rewards. Prizetopia hosts giveaway contests a few times per month, so it’s still worth it to keep an eye out for this one. Be sure to add this one to your list of giveaway websites.


3. Online-Sweepstakes.com

At only $30 for a years subscription, this site has a great community with plenty of chances to enter online sweepstakes. But don’t worry, they have a free plan as well which is perfectly fine for people just beginning the hobby of entering sweepstakes. One of our favorite features about this website is the ability to mark giveaways as complete. Every post has a red checkbox next to it, but if you click the checkbox, it’ll turn green!


4. ContestGirl.com

As we started this article, we all love receiving something for free. ContestGirl is a completely free online sweepstake directory with simple categories and you even get the chance to track your entries too! This website has tons of listings posted daily, so be sure to check up with Contestgirl from time to time.

5. Giveawaymonkey.com

Full of online contests, sweepstakes, giveaways and freebies Giveaway Monkey is a popular option for many and is a great site to sign up to! The giveaways featured on this website come in all shapes and sizes. From Gift cards to sports goods.. You can find just about anything on Giveawaymonkey.


6. Sweetiessweeps.com

This website has two options; a free service and a paid membership. The paid membership gives access to local giveaways however even with the free access you still get access to their in-depth directory of online sweepstakes to enter and winning tips too.

7. Sweepsadvantage.com

Established in 1997, Sweeps Advantage has gone on to become of of the most popular and in-depth online contest and sweepstake directories online. This is a simple website that gets straight to the point. You can browse through all types of giveaways here. With a sorting feature built in as well, you can’t go wrong with Sweepstakesadvantage.

In conclusion

The brief review of the seven sites should give you a great place to start your quest into the world of online giveaways and contests. We hope this will give you a great chance to win your very first online sweepstake! Just remember a few things before you go out there..

The more competitions you enter, the better chance you have of winning. We’d highly recommend to enter giveaways that don’t require much actions. That you way, you can enter at a more rapid rate.

Good luck to you!